Clinical Counselling by Crescent Therapy

Therapy services available through Crescent Therapy are offered by dual-registered Canadian Certified Counsellor and Registered Clinical Counsellor, Cadence Almasi, MC, CCC, RCC.

The focus of clinical counselling primarily centres upon processing and healing from trauma, including its many long-lasting sequalae. Cadence’s approach combines a range of the newest teachings in trauma therapy with a focus on seeing you for the inherently-whole, complex, and resilient person that you are.
She brings her instinct, humility, and curiosity with her into each and every session.

A welcoming and nurturing environment.

Offering you a safe space to land

Clinical counselling with Crescent Therapy offers clinical services in Langley, BC. Our space here has been mindfully designed to bring about the opportunity for a felt sense of safety, and a place from which you can focus your own experiences when attending to what is present with you.

You are welcome here.